Farm Day Adventures

Farm Day Adventures

Farm Day Adventures is a passion project that sprouted up between myself (Author) & Amanda (Illustrator) during the time I spent working on a farm in 2021.

What started as a one book lark, has now evolved into a multi book series.

Cash The Clever Canine is book 1 in this 3 book children's book series - available on Amazon. It is through the creative & humorous adventures of Cash & his other barnyard friends, that we learn the great lengths we will go to for our friends.

Remember, we are surrounded by friends, not fears!

Available on Amazon

Come meet Cash The Clever Canine

& his farmyard friends!

Remember, we are surrounded by friends, not fears!

Cash The Clever Canine

Cash The Clever Canine

Come meet Cash, the Clever Canine,

and all his farmyard friends!

There's Screech the Cat, Billy the Goat,

and Lucky the Red Hen.

Join them for their work and fun.

See them through their worst.

They learn to love each other,

and put the others first.

Cash the Clever Canine is Book One in the Farm Day Adventures Series. Cash and his best friend, Lucky, have all sorts of adventures with their barnyard friends. One day, Lucky is overcome by the water in the creek, and Cash saves the day.

Cash and Lucky exemplify friendship as they go through life. They show how friendship is more than just fun. It also means being there for one another through good times and bad, and rushing to save the other when one falls.

Available on Amazon

You Tube read aloud copy:

Billy The Silly Goat

Billy The Silly Goat

Billy is a Silly goat,

who lives out in the barn.

Clever Cash is her friend,

who lives out on the farm.

Billy loves to skip about,

playing games and tricks.

Watchful Cash is close at hand

When she gets in a fix.

Billy The Silly Goat is the second book in the Farm Day Adventures Series. Billy and her playful ways keep her clever friend, Cash, on his toes. One day, Billy seeks out an adventure and wanders from the barnyard. She comes upon a vegetable garden and can’t resist the temptation to munch up all she sees. Unfortunately, she eats so much that she can no longer slip through the garden gate. She finds herself stranded far from the warm barn as evening falls upon the farm. Thankfully, Cash is there to lend a helping paw to his friend in trouble.

Billy and Cash learn the power of friendship and the benefits of teamwork as they romp through their farm day fun. They show how the resourcefulness of two can be better than one. The trust and love they display for one another are an example for us all to follow as we live this life.

Coming soon to Amazon.

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Screech The Scaredy Cat

Screech The Scaredy Cat

Screech is a scaredy cat,

Frightened of the barn.

And Cash is the canine friend,

who lives out on the farm.

When Screech falls from his tree

He has nowhere to hide

The farmyard friends rally ‘round

And don’t shove him aside.

Screech The Scaredy Cat is the third book in The Farm Day Adventures Series. Screech frightens easily and is suspicious of everything in the barnyard. Because of this, he hides away in a tree, missing out on all the fun and friendships to be had. One night, a big storm blows through the barnyard and knocks Screech out of the tree. He curls up, overwhelmed with fear of the unknown. Thankfully, clever Cash and the rest of the barnyard friends rally to soothe the tousled cat.

Through the kindness of the barnyard friends, Screech discovers new friendships. As the group grows together, Screech realizes he has always been surrounded by friends instead of fears and, with friendship, one can overcome anything.

Coming soon to Amazon.

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Farm Day Adventures team

Author: Megan Wood


Cash: The Clever Canine, Billy: The Silly Goat

& Luna: The Lazy Llama

Illustrator:Amanda Boehm


Her Duck

About the Author

In 2020, Megan Wood needed a change. To escape the chaos erupting throughout the city, she went to a friend's secluded farm in the mountains. Her intention was to stay two weeks to decompress by helping with the work on the farm. She stayed for 60 weeks.

While on the farm, Megan cared for the animals, learned the land, and honed new skill sets. Megan formed deep friendships with her fellow farm folk and the farm animals.

Megan Wood is an experienced and creative childcare provider. She is passionate about engaging children in activities that stimulate their curiosity and sense of wonder. Her unique experiences working on a farm are captured with humor and courage through her stories. Within the Farm Day Adventure Series, she encourages teamwork, trust, and creative problem solving.

Megan believes in the important influence that family, community and art forge in one's life. It is through the support, trust and the magic of love that great things are accomplished.

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